Disability Insurance - The Risks of Waiting

Understand the Impact of Income Loss After a Health Event

Even though a health event could strike at any time, it's unlikely that something like this would occur tomorrow, next year, or even five years from now.

But what if something happened later on down the road? What if you experienced a health event during your peak income-earning years?

Not only are health events much more likely to happen when you get older, but this is also when your income would most likely be at its highest.

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is underestimating the vast financial impact a health event can have. Are you prepared?

Join us for Disability Insurance - The Risks of Waiting on Wednesday, April 5th to learn how to protect yourself financially.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

If you’re like most, you already have assets insured that are valuable to you, such as your home, vehicles, boats, etc.

It's commonplace to protect these assets without giving them much thought, but what about protecting your most important asset—your income?

Your most important asset is you and your ability to work, earn, and grow your income over the course of your career. Your income makes everything else in life possible. It’s time to consider ways to protect your most valuable asset.

In the event of a life-changing health event, the consequences of not having an adequate income protection plan can be financially devastating.

Join us for Disability Insurance - The Risks of Waiting on Wednesday, April 5th to learn how an income protection plan compares to other assets you may already be insuring. An income protection plan can provide you a potential benefit worth far greater for a cost much lower than virtually anything else you can insure.

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